Aside from Commercial Photography I am developing personal and commissioned photographic projects.

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Fine art

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Le Bois des souvenirs

Le Bois des souvenirs is a tribute to the Italian miners’ families who lived in Marcinelle (Belgium) during the ten years between 1946 and 1956.

The images are inspired by the stories and memories of the women of Cesare Di Berardino’s family. Cesare Di Berardino was an Italian miner from Manoppello in Abruzzo, who emigrated to Marcinelle in 1946.  He was a victim of the mining tragedy.

Curator: Enrica Buccione

Full project here: Le Bois des souvenirs

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fine art

Element: #1

The collection focusing on the element “water” is articulated in five black and white pictures meeting a precise stylistic criterion. Those works featured an accurate stylistic choice balanced by soft lines, firm and sophisticated as well, together with rarefied atmospheres leading the audience to reflection and contemplation.

Curator: Enrica Buccione

Full project here: Element: #1


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